About Wool on the Wall

Building on the outstanding success of Wool on the Wall 2012, the voluntary organising team ran further successful events in 2014 nd 2016. Wool on the Wall will take place in the Greenhead Hotel, just across the road from the Hadrian’s Wall Farmers’ Market at Greenhead Village Hall.

The event celebrates British wool, which has kept the chill from Celt and Roman, civilian and soldier, for centuries and now can be found insulating modern homes and made into enduring carpets. We celebrate not only the farmers and their flocks, but the very many traditional skills that have always been carried on using wool: the felting, spinning, weaving and dyeing, knitting and crochet skills of old, which are now in the extremely talented hands of modern craftsmen and women from all over the north.

The regular friendly monthly farmers’ market at the village hall is where you can stock up with superb local produce, from organic cheese, meat and vegetables, free range chickens & eggs, fresh & smoked trout, honeys, jams & churneys, home baked breads & cakes, etc - to taste the local landscape that surrounds the tiny village of Greenhead, tucked in the Tipalt valley, just below one of the most scenic stretches of Hadrian’s Wall. The Market runs from 10am to 2 pm; the Wool on the Wall event starts at 10am and finishes at 4pm to accompany it.